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Production Supplies

Our consumables lines include some items that might be considered MRO and some items that are not.  These are the items that you use up and replace - whether it be a swab or wipe or a bottle of stencil cleaner.
ESD test equipment * Intelligent Ionizers * Constant Monitors * Bench and Floor Mats * Wrist and Heel Straps * ESD Program Evaluation Equipment

Solvents & Cleaners * Flux Removers * Conformal Coat * PCB Masking * Swabs and Wipes * Cleanroom Chemicals, Coventry Swabs and Wipes * Fiberoptic Cleaners


Precision Hand tools including:

Cutters (US Manufactured) * Tweezers * Pliers * Oilers * Brushes * Custom Designed Prepping tools

Wave Solder Pallets * Board Holders * Fixtures * Replacement Fingers * SMT Carriers * Printer Plates * Router Fixtures * Custom Machining and Parts

Inline, Batch, and Manual Cleaning Chemistries and Soponifiers * Testing & Validation Services * Contract Cleaning