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Production Supplies

Our consumables lines include some items that might be considered MRO and some items that are not.  These are the items that you use up and replace - whether it be a swab or wipe or a bottle of stencil cleaner.
A leader in ESD safety with a broad depth of products including anti-static wrist straps, table mats, ESD footwear and test equipment.  Botron has an awesome series of intelligent ionizers.
Delta and Tri-V Cleaners/Degreasers, Conformal Coating, Dusters, Freeze Spray, Solderwick ®,Wipes, Swabs, Temporary Solder Mask
Manufacturers of precision tweezers, pliers, cutters, and other
small assembly hand tools
Soldering, desoldering, BGA and rework equipment, fume extraction
ROHS compliant
Supplier of lead free, no-clean , and water soluble solder pastes, fluxes, bar solder, solder preforms
Precision cleaning products for all PCB and stencil cleaning
applications in the electronics industry